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About Me

My name is Andrew but my friends call me Willoughby. Welcome to my laboratory!

Raised in an Air Force family, Chicago is my 10th place to call home. My passion for learning is driven by the belief that anything is possible with practice. My interests are expansive: from web dev, architecture, politics, and astronomy to video games, photography, music, and cycling, I like to make the most of my surroundings!

Acrostic Motto

  • A sk questions
  • N avigate challenges
  • D efy expectations
  • R edefine “possible”
  • E arn responsibility
  • W ield integrity


Peruse the lab to view my bio and discover projects, or check out the article generator (blog), social media, and other online dabbles.

View of Tribune Tower from a balcony, taken during Open House Chicago.

This site is brought to you by the teacher in everyone. Everything I've learned is from someone taking time to share their knowledge.